Beauty Acupuncture

Performed by Santosh Kaur.

Anti Wrinkle Skin Rejuvenation Treatment: (1hr) £69

Face Treatment: (1hr) £49

Facial Rejuvenation

Acupuncture is known as a natural aid to facial rejuvenation. Beauty comes from within, and is a manifestation of good health and a tranquil mind. Acupuncture, in conjunction with a good diet, rest and exercise can enhance youthful appearance. This can be maintained long after the treatment ends.

A short course is recommended to promote generally smoother, more vibrant and healthy skin. Facial rejuvenation Acupuncture exercises and firms the facial muscles. It stimulates natural collagens, so reducing wrinkles and giving a more youthful appearance. Facial Acupuncture does not have any side effects. 

Facial acupuncture 'triggers the body's own mechanisms to repair and reconstruct the collagen fibres, and strengthen and rehydrate the subcutaneous muscles'.