Essential oils help detox the body, ease sore muscles, release tension, improve circulation and promote relaxation.
Aromatic Full Body Massage  £55.00
Aromatic Face & Full Body Massage  £60.00




Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage  £60.00

 Deep Tissue massage technique focuses on the deep layers of muscle tissue, releasing the chronic patterns of tension in the body. Through slow strokes and deep finger pressure on the contracted areas, across the muscles and tendons, chronic muscle tension is released.

Deep tissue massage can help to break up and eliminate scar tissue. It can also focus on more specific areas and may cause some soreness during or right after the massage. However, if the massage is done correctly you should feel better than ever within a day or two.


Back, neck & shoulder massage

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage  £35.00

 A lovely deep massage targeting specific areas of pain in the back, neck and shoulders. This treatment is ideal for relieving tension accumulated during everyday life, especially for those who work at a desk for most of the day as it targets the specific areas where you may hold tension


Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage  £35.00

Indian Head Massage (Champissage) is an ancient eastern therapy and is a wonderfully relaxing form of holistic massage applied to the head area.

It originated as part of the Ayuvedic medicine tradition in India where it has been practised for thousands of years. It works on the body’s subtle energy to rebalance the whole person. Through massage the scalp is loosened, increasing blood circulation, which helps hair condition and growth. It also aids lymphatic drainage, which removes toxins and waste from the body, reducing puffiness and helping skin look brighter and in better condition. Alongside aesthetics, Indian Head massage will aid concentration and promote improved sleep at night, allowing the body to recover vital energy and feel refreshed the next day. Alongside this it can help with multiple conditions, from tension, depression, sinusitis, migraines, headaches, eye Strain, tinnitus and stress relief.

The treatment is performed fully clothed and seated.


Body Treatments

For clients that may be apprehensive about a body treatment, please note that all treatments are carried out by a professional Beauty Therapist, who will respect the client's modesty at all times. The client will be covered with soft towels, which reveal only the area to be treated at that time. Areas massaged in a full body massage are normally, legs, arms front of shoulders, abdomen (optional) back of legs or thigh and back. We hope you will receive a wonderful and relaxing treatment.

Take a look at our specialist alternative treatments in wellbeing for body and mind.


All our massages are carried out by Arlene who is a qualified massage therapist:

"Hi my name is Arlene, I am your massage therapist, I believe in a Holistic approach to Massage and know "Massage inspires Happiness and Wellbeing".

I am interested in treating the whole person, body, mind and spirit while improving your wellbeing.

Massage treatments have a feel good energy with different levels: physical, emotional, social and spiritual effects that play a big role in makinh you feel relaxed in a calming way and helps to release stress, toxins and improves circulation. Massage creates a balancing feeling, helps to clear the mind, improves your concentration abd gives you an excellent quality of life and inspires a sense of Wellbeing.

I specialise in:

  • Diploma in Swedish Massage
  • Diploma in Stone Massage
  • Diploma in Hopi Ear Candling
  • Diploma in Aromatherapy Massage Level 3  
  • Diploma in Indian Head Massage Level 3
  • Lava Shell Glacial Shell Detox Massage
  • Lava Shell Lava Rescue Massage
  • Lava Shell Therma Facial Massage
  • Lava Shell Relax Massage "