Facial Aesthetics

Painless non-surgical facial treatments performed by Doctor Vicky Salem

 Dr Vicky Salem has worked with Beautiful since we opened.  She runs a busy weekend clinic here and we feel so lucky to have her! She is a Consultant Physician, having achieved her primary degree as a doctor in 2002 from the University of London. She has gone on to achieve many post graduate qualifications and prizes:  she is a Member of the Royal College of Physicians, holds a first class degree, has a Masters Degree in Medical Education (she teaches medical students) and has a strong research track record - she has a PhD in Endocrinology (Hormones).  Importantly she applies the same clinical rigour, ethically-minded, evidence-based and safe approach to her private cosmetic patients.  For this reason, she was recently acknowledged with election to the Royal Society of Medicine section for Cosmetic Medicine.  All of this is reflected in her patient loyalty and the complete faith we at Beautiful have in her.  Despite her amazing CV Vicky remains approachable, kind and a real member of the beautiful team.

Dr Vicky offers an initial thorough consultation, which can be booked in with us directly (please call 020 7272 7926).  She will talk through your concerns and strives to offer a holistic and balanced treatment plan.  She will suggest referrals to other providers for treatments that she doesn't offer herself.  The treatments that she herself performs include:  general anti-ageing skincare advice, acne treatments, IPL (light) therapy, medical microneedling, chemical peels, botox injections (wrinkle "softening") and, where appropriately indicated, soft tissue augmentation with prescription-only hyaluronic acid fillers.  

On your initial consultation she will talk through all risks, benefits, and the thorough details of her treatment suggestions.  She regularly audits her patient feedback and clinical (cosmetic) outcomes and this will form part of the overall discussion about what you personally might expect.  Prices are arrived at individually tailored to each person's treatment plan but typically start at £250.  This includes all follow up visits.  Her philosophy is to:  treat patients holistically and not "wrinkle-chase", apply a high standard of ethics and evidence base to her advice and to achieve improvements in look and mood without unnatural results.  

Please book a free consultation with Dr Salem if you are interested in more information and a personal assessment. The prices shown here should be taken as a guide only, since treatments are tailored to each client.



Botulinum toxin (BTX)

Injections for lines and wrinkles

Botulinum toxin (eg Botox®, Dysport®) has been used to soften forehead wrinkles and frown lines safely for over 25 years.  With a careful technique, it can be artfully used to smooth out lines and lift your brow.  The injections are quick and, by using the finest needles, painless.  There is no down time after the procedure.  Results will be seen after a few days but it can take up to 2 weeks to see the full effects.  The results will last up to 4 months.

Laughter lines (Crow’s feet)
Gentle injection of Botulinum Toxin gives excellent results smoothing wrinkles around the eyes.
Other Applications
The advanced use of BTX can treat a number of other facial areas and conditions including:
  • lower face to help up turn the corners of the mouth and reduce "marionette lines"
  • reducing gingival display (treatment of a "gummy smile")
  • eliminating platysmal bands (visible neck lines)
  • hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating on palms and armpits)

Botulinum Toxin Results last up to 4 months

One area from £160
Two areas from £250
Three areas from £300
Armpit/palms £450 
(for excessive sweating)
What can go wrong?
Dr Salem's philosophy is always to start with the minimum treatment to provide a natural look, which can be added to as she gets to know your requirements.  With an experienced practitioner and injector, the likelihood of an adverse event or bad aesthetic result is very low, but can include drooping of the brow or double vision.  Since BTX is naturally broken down by the body into harmless waste products, these side effects are always reversible with time.  During your consultation, Dr Salem will run through all your concerns and questions.

We cannot halt the inevitable, the aging process affects us all! However we can now improve the visible signs of ageing, reducing lines and wrinkles using the latest non-injectable treatments.


Dermal Fillers

Modern dermal fillers are most commonly based on purified hyaluronic acid.  This is the same substance that is gradually lost from the skin as it ages.  The likelihood of an adverse reaction is very limited, since the procedure does not involve the injection of any unnatural substance.

Nose to Mouth Lines

The creases between the nose and mouth are prone to deepening with age. Dr Salem can comfortably inject a hyaluronic acid based gel under the skin to instantly plump up deep wrinkles from below.  This type of dermal filler treatment has an excellent safety profile and produces dramatic and instant results, which can last up to 12 months.

Lips and Corners of the Mouth

Specially formulated fillers can be safely and painlessly injected around the mouth to produce subtle and beautiful results.  Injections around the border of the lips can eliminate the small wrinkles that develop with age.  We can also produce a plumper, more sensual smile by injecting into the body of the lip.

Facial Recontouring

Using dermal filler, cheek or chin contours can be rebuilt and nasal profile straightened with stunning results after one simple session.  With the finest fillers, teartroughs can be re-volumised, without lumps and bumps.

Hands and Decolletage

Injection of volumising and collagen-stimulating fillers into the back of the hands can produce immediate and lasting of signs of ageing.  The use of finer fillers across the decolletage can reverse fine lines in this frequently sun-damaged area, and works particularly effectively in combination with other treatments like microneedling.


Dermal Fillers

Lips from £300 
Nose to mouth lines from £250 per side  
Cheek augmentation from £550
Nose profiling from £300
Tear troughs from £285

Prices will vary according to the type and longevity of filler chosen. Dr Salem has experience injecting all major brands, including Juvederm, Revanesse, Restylane and Radiesse. Results last between 6 and 12 months.



Microneedling (Dermal Roller)

Skin microneedling, using a precision hand held device, helps combat scars, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and stretch marks.  The treatment encourages new collagen and elastin production in the deepest layers of the skin leaving it smoother and younger looking.

The dermal roller produces hundreds of pinpoint punctures which push open the pores in the upper layers of the skin without damaging them. The ability of the skin to absorb the nutrients of applied creams is increased by 3000% in the first hour after the treatment

In the longer term, skin micro-needling triggers the body's natural healing process. Dermal growth factors are released, new collagen is produced, skin cells are regenerated and blood supply is enhanced.  With repeated treatments, the skin looks rejuvenated and scars or stretch marks are visibly reduced.  These results have been clinically proven.

Skin Rejuvenation

Medical microneedling from £160 (Dermaroller SR Therapy®)
Stretchmark removal from £250
Hand rejuvenation from £285 per hand
Mesolift from £150

What does the treatment entail?

Dr Salem will apply anaesthetic cream to numb the skin, making the procedure comfortable.  It will take around 40 minutes for the whole treatment.

After the procedure the doctor will apply a professional moisturiser followed by a SPF 30+ UVA/UVB sunscreen, both of which you will be asked to continue using twice daily for at least two weeks.  In the first hour after the treatment, your skin is hugely absorbant, and you may wish to enhance the treatment by applying vitamin, hyaluronic acid or collagen preparations.

Immediately after the treatment your skin will look moderately sunburned.  The majority of the redness will subside after the first hour and completely by two days. Over the next few days you may experience some skin flaking, which is not harmful and will also subside.

How many treatments do I need?

As your skin needs time to regenerate, it will take up to 6 weeks for visible effects.  The process will continue over the following months, particularly with repeated treatments, providing you with a natural and enduring improvement in skin tone.  For skin rejuvenation, you will be recommended to have 2-3 repeat procedures about 6 weeks apart.  Treatment of acne scars and stretch marks may require up to 5 procedures.

What are the risks?

Dr Salem uses the highest quality, single-use needling devices.  The procedure is safe and there is very little downtime.  It can be used on all skin types and all parts of the body.  The epidermis is not damaged with this treatment, which minimises the risk of post-inflammatory pigmentation.



From £500 per treatment - depending on the amount required.

Sculptra® works differently from traditional fillers. It’s a collagen replenishing treatment that helps to gradually and subtly reduce lines, wrinkles and folds, treating the entire face. Sculptra’s main ingredient, poly-L-lactic acid, works from deep within the skin’s layers to correct the underlying problem that causes the line or wrinkle. Sculptra® helps to restore lost volume by replenishing your own facial collagen, the substance your body produces to give your skin a firm and youthful appearance, giving you a fuller, more natural look that can last for up to 25 months.

Sculptra® can only administered by fully trained medical professionals and is FDA approved for cosmetic and medical use.  Dr Salem will asses the areas of your face that maybe concerning you, including deeper lines and folds, and draw up a tailored treatment plan.  On average, 3 treatments are required and results should become noticeable after approximately 6 weeks.  Since Sculptra® slowly builds up the natural scaffolding of the skin, an aesthetic improvement will continue to evolve slowly and naturally over a few months.