Healing and relaxation for the whole body through the feet.

Performed by our reflexologist Catherine Verdier.  £45.00

Reflexology follows similar principles of acupuncture and certain schools of massage, where our bodies are mapped by channels of energy or Qi. When we are sick or in pain, the flow of energy is blocked. The reflexologist applies pressure to one part of these channels, sending an impulse or message all the way along it, which encourages the energy to flow freely again.

The reflexologist applies pressure techniques to specific parts of the feet, helping to rebalance, detox and stimulate the body & mind. Reflexology can offer relief from a wide range physical, mental and emotional problems encountered in the everyday; from digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, migraines, back pain, arthritis, stress, sleep problems, infertility, skin problems and anxiety.


Traditional chinese foot massage

Performed alongside reflexology.  Add £10.00

The feet are prepared by soaking in a wooden bowl filled with hot water and infused wth fragant herbs or flowers, depending on your ailment or condition. For example if you are having trouble sleeping, the bath would be infused with camomile alongside the traditional tea ceremony of the chosen herb, in this case camomile. The feet are then ready to be massaged.


Lava Shell Foot Massage

Performed alongside reflexology.  Add £10.00

The first ever naturaly self-heating massage tool - Eco-friendly - for a nice gentle soothing and relaxing foot massage. The heat is very beneficial for digestive disorders, blood circulation and of course just sore feet!