Sunless Tanning

Spray Tan £20.00
Please exfoliate first. No perfume / body cream / deodorant.
Indulge yourself with the richest looking tan. You tan instantly and colour intensifies over a few hours, for a streak free tan that lasts. More people are opting for safe and effective spray tan treatments to get ready for the summer.
A spray tan is a great way to achieve the colour you want without the skin damage associated with sunbathing. Unlike self tanning lotions and even tanning beds, the spray tan process gives you full, even coverage, making your tan look as natural as possible, without shading or smearing. You'll look like you've been working on your tan for weeks when in fact the whole process has taken just minutes.





We offer stand up or lay down sunbeds at just £1 a minute!
Our sunbeds are all brand new, Ergoline top of the range beds suitable for both men and women.
Both our beds gives you an outstanding tanning experience. They have high-powered ceiling fan and body cool jet system, offering superb cooling for client comfort and ensuring that the lamps function at optimal temperatures for improved tanning performance. The Ergolines sunbeds have a state-of-the-art cooling system ensuring optimal running temperatures of tubes for shorter tanning times.
Stand Up / Lay Down

4 mins £4.00
5 mins £5.00
6 mins £6.00
7 mins £7.00
8 mins £8.00
10 mins £10.00

(Courses are valid for six months)
1 hour £50.00
2 hour £90.00